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Celebrating little girls and tutus!

Celebrating little girls and tutus!

Evie and Sash creations are meticulously created with a strong focus on beautiful delicate fabrics and luxurious textures. The collections are designed and curated in Australia.

Each Evie and Sash garment is an expression of timeless youth through the limitless imagination of little girls everywhere. Perfect for any occasion, from playing dress-ups to flower girl, our stunning tutus will set little hearts a flutter within seconds.

Reminiscent of classic ballet costumes, all Evie and Sash tutus and garments are of the highest quality, beautifully hand-dyed and hand crafted using wisps of feathers applied to the softest natural cotton, finest tulle and chiffon and breathable light weight fabrics. Each piece is made with absolute timeless beauty and complete comfort in mind.

Image: Evie & Sash Classic Ballerina Tutu Dress, Haus of Hendrix Leather Jacket

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