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The Softest Chiffon

The Softest Chiffon

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is has the softest chiffon of all?! We do…but of course!!

The word ‘Chiffon’ comes from a French word for cloth or rag. Chiffon is a lightweight, balanced plain-woven sheer fabric. Early chiffon was made purely from silk. In 1938, a nylon version of chiffon was invented, and invented and become hugely popular because of its resilience and low cost. When looked at closely, under a magnifying glass chiffon resembles a fine mesh which gives it some transparency.

Chiffon is very lightweight and flowy, so it does not cling to the body and it’s great for styles with a lot of draping. It can be quite sheer, so you will often find it draped in multiple layers. Chiffon is a nice fabric for muted colors and pastels because it does not have a distinct sheen, allowing delicate colors to come through.

And, in the case of our label we use chiffon in our beautiful Petti Tutu Skirts and our Evie & Sash Tutu Dresses. The softest most luxurious polyester chiffon is sourced and, we use a lot of chiffon in each of our very popular Petti Tutu Skirts.

Stunning images by one of our favourite bloggers @cheerful_mamma

The little girl is wears our best seller: Evie & Sash Petti Tutu Skirt in Lychee Pink.

A big thank you for these beautiful images.

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