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Tutu Decor: Interior Style

So, you’ve got your luxurious Evie and Sash Tutu and your little girl has been twirling her little heart out, all day long! You’ve struggled to take the tutu skirt off your little ballerina at bed time and you’re about to hang it in the wardrobe…no, no…NO!!!!

Don't hide your beautiful Evie and Sash Tutu skirt in the wardrobe, hang it in your little girl’s room as a decorative ornament! It’s the perfect way to add a pop of colour to a room. And your little girl will absolutely LOVE it.

Our favourite product stylist, @hudson_and_harlow has perfected the art of styling a little girls room and her use of our Evie and Sash Tutu Skirts is simply stunning. View her work in the image below or visit her IG page for the details.

All images are copyright @hudson_and_harlow and can not be used without permission.

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