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Tutus and Angels

Who remembers their very first tutu? Now I can’t say that I do remember my very first tutu (I'm way too old for that…haha) but as a mum I will never forget the first time I put a tutu on my little girl. It was pure magic! I was developing my first range of Evie and Sash Tutu Skirts and put it on my little girl who was 18 months of age at the time and, it was the most precious thing in the world. Her smile was just priceless and she twirled and twirled all-day-long. I believe she even slept with her tutu skirt, such a lovely memory.

The best part of having a children’s brand of luxurious tutus is knowing that other mums or dads experience the same joy with our Evie and Sash Tutu Skirts, oh the first time you slip the tutu on her is simply unforgettable. Our Petti Tutu Skirts are perfect for that very first birthday party and the delicious images you get from a Cake Smash session are so precious.

View the little angel below in her first tutu skirt, we love these images by @daniela_and_co so sweet in our Evie and Sash Petti Tutu Skirt. Look at that smile!

All images are belong to @daniela_and_co and can not be used without permission.

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